Natasha Richardson's Son Micheál Watches His Late Mom's Films, Like 'The' 'Parent Trap', to Remember Her

Micheal Richardson stars in a movie about grief with his dad Liam Neeson, which made them reflect on the death of Natasha Richardson

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Micheál Richardson keeps his late mom Natasha Richardson close to his heart by watching her beloved movies.

Micheál spoke to U.K.'s The Times to promote his movie Made in Italy, in which he costars with his dad Liam Neeson, and spoke about keeping his mother's memory alive. She died from blunt force trauma following a skiing accident in 2009. She was 45.

"It was so sudden," Micheál, 25, recalled. "When it's unexpected and it's just a complete freak accident, it really sort of messes with your mind, whether you believe in fate or not. It can send you for a bit of a head spin, and so you just latch on to the tiny little memories, whether it's her laugh or her energy in the room or her cooking. I do have her films to go back and watch her in, which I'm incredibly grateful for."

Micheál previously told PEOPLE that his favorite movie of hers is the 1998 film The Parent Trap "because I just see her so much as that person."

"I'm so lucky too, because she's passed away, I can still watch her and see how she worked and also it's a great thing to have," he continued. "And I do [watch her movies], but there's still a lot there I need to watch."

Lindsay Lohan, Natasha Richardson
Lindsay Lohan and Natasha Richardson in The Parent Trap (1998). Mark Tillie/Walt Disney/Kobal/Shutterstock

Micheál opened up to PEOPLE about the aftermath of his mom's sudden death while promoting the movie this past summer.

"When you lose somebody so close to you, sometimes you just push it away and out of your head because the thought of them hurts," Micheál said. "But I found that's an unhealthy thing to do. You have to remember them."

One way the young actor (whose Irish first name is pronounced ME-hall) honored his mother was by taking her last name two years ago.

"It was a way to honor her and her side of the family and carry on the name," he said.

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