"Reese [Witherspoon] has been a wonderful support system in teaching me the ways of modernity," Natalie Portman said in a recent interview

By Stephanie Petit
February 12, 2018 08:46 AM

Natalie Portman has finally taken the plunge: she has an Instagram account. And now, the actress is revealing that fans have Reese Witherspoon to thank for her late embrace of social media.

The Annihilation star, 36, held out on joining the popular platform until last month. Portman’s been using Instagram to promote the Time’s Up movement — as well as her recent Saturday Night Live appearance, which rebooted her popular rapping skit — but she couldn’t have done it without Witherspoon.

“Reese has been a wonderful support system in teaching me the ways of modernity,” she joked during an interview with Entertainment Tonight, alongside Annihilation costar Oscar Isaac. “There’s this thing called social media.”

Credit: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty

Portman said she’s still getting used to the photo-sharing app.

“It’s a very new thing in my life, and I feel like a grandmother who’s learned how to use the microwave,” she explained. “Wow, it heats things up!”

Shortly after Portman started posting on New Year’s Day, Witherspoon shared a special dedication to the new member of the Instagram world.

“This is a photo of me convincing @natalieportman to join @Instagram!! 😂,” the actress captioned a photo of the pair chatting. “Welcome her to the Insta family, y’all! 🎉”

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It’s no surprise that the Black Swan star has fellow A-list celebrities by her side. Portman praised the female community in Hollywood for its unity while speaking at the Women’s March in Los Angeles in January.

“We refuse to be pitted against each other,” she said. “There’s not only one spot. We’re going to make room for all of us. It’s really, really powerful and really incredible and we have all of these new friends.”