Natalie Portman Was a Senior at Harvard When Mark Zuckerberg Invented Facebook on Campus

Natalie Portman is glad Mark Zuckerberg didn't usher in the wave of social media until after she was out of college

Natalie Portman just missed the wave of social media that hit right after she graduated from college.

The Vox Lux actress, 37, sat down with Willie Geist for Sunday Today with Willie Geist where she reminisced on her college years. Portman attended Harvard University from 1999 to 2003 — just before fellow student Mark Zuckerberg invented Facebook.

“I think I was really lucky to have been there before social media,” she says in PEOPLE’s exclusive clip above. “Actually, Facebook was invented when I was a senior by freshman Mark Zuckerberg at Harvard. So I went to school with no Facebook, no Instagram, no cameras on phones.”

She continued, “So I was really able to go about my business and not have it documented for public consumption. Which was really lucky ’cause, guess what? It’s good to like, make mistakes and do stupid things when you’re a teenager and young adult and not have it hunt you forever. So I was very lucky in kind of missing that by a fraction. Thank you Mark Zuckerberg for being very young.”

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The Oscar winner also recently got candid about her relationship with her former friend and fellow Harvard alum Jared Kushner on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

“Unfortunately it’s not very — there’s not a lot funny to say about someone you were friends with becoming a supervillain. So, it’s not funny,” she said. “He said in some interview that all of the friends he’s lost through politics is like exfoliating. I was like, ‘Okay.’ ”

“So you’re a dead skin cell?” Colbert quipped.

“Proudly,” Portman replied.

While it’s not clear exactly when Portman and Kushner’s friendship deteriorated, the duo were close at least as recently as 2012, when Kushner and his wife Ivanka Trump were guests at Portman’s wedding to Benjamin Millepied.

Sunday Today with Willie Geist airs Sunday, January 13 at 8 am ET.

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