Natalie Portman Is Almost Unrecognizable as She Transforms Into NASA Astronaut for 'Pale Blue Dot'

Natalie Portman sported a bright blue NASA jumpsuit and a lanyard, along with a brown wig cut in a small bob in a new photo for her film Pale Blue Dot

Natalie Portman’s new look is out of this world.

The Oscar winner had fans doing a double take Wednesday after she revealed her transformation into fictional NASA astronaut Lucy Cola for the film Pale Blue Dot.

In the photograph, Portman, 37, sported a bright blue NASA jumpsuit and a lanyard, along with a brown wig cut in a small bob.

“In character as Lucy Cola. 📷: @hilstills #sneakpeek,” captioned the image on Instagram.

The film centers around Cola after she returns to Earth from a mission to outer space and how her grip on reality unravels as she becomes entangled in a love affair with a fellow astronaut (played by Jon Hamm).

Fox Searchlight/Twitter

Also in the film is Deadpool 2‘s Zazie Beetz, who plays an astronaut trainee, while Legion star Dan Stevens will portray Portman’s onscreen husband.

Pale Blue Dot‘s storyline is loosely based on true events that occurred in 2007.

NASA Capt. Lisa Nowak became embroiled in an affair with fellow astronaut Bill Oefelein, but when they broke up, and he began to date Colleen Shipman, Nowak became incensed. She made national headlines when she drove 900 miles from Houston to Orlando and packed a trench coat, black wig, pepper spray, a BB gun, rope, trash bags and an 8-inch knife.

NASA via Getty

Police reports claimed at the time that she had space diapers with her so she wouldn’t have to stop for bathroom breaks.

In the early morning hours of that day, Nowak was wearing a black wig and trench coat when she approached Colleen Shipman’s car in the parking lot of Orlando International Airport. She banged on the Shipman’s window and begged for a ride. When Shipman rolled down her window, Nowak sprayed her with pepper spray and tried to get in the car.

Shipman fled the scene, shaken but unhurt. Police arrested Nowak on attempted murder and kidnapping charges.

The resulting case was dubbed the “astronaut love triangle.”

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