Naomi Watts shared a funny then and now photo of herself as she stays home during the coronavirus pandemic

Naomi Watts is sharing the realities of gardening while staying at home.

The actress, 51, shared a comical then and now photo of herself on Instagram Thursday while she attempted to work on her garden as she stayed at home amid the coronavirus.

"Gardening then... ➡️ Gardening now... 🤪🍃," Watts wrote in the caption.

In the first photo, the star poses in a bright pink dress with a thigh-high slit as she looks off camera while standing in a perfectly manicured garden.

The second photo Watts shared was completely different, showing the actress leaning against a tree and holding a rake while wearing a pink sweater and purple patterned pajama pants.

Naomi Watts
Naomi Watts
| Credit: Naomi Watts/Instagram

Watts has frequently been sharing what staying at home amid the coronavirus looks like for her, posting a similar then and now photo earlier this month of herself posing for a magazine and posing at her couch at home.

“What boredom and stress used to look like.... Swipe ➡️ for what it looks like now. 😫 #quarantine #tbt,” she wrote in the caption.

Naomi Watts
Naomi Watts
| Credit: Toni Anne Barson/WireImage

The actress has also made time for Zoom happy hours with her close friends including Julianne Moore and Laura Dern.

"This was NOT boring. Dream Dates kicking off the weekend last night. Note to self; Up your outfit and goblet game!! #squad #sixpack 🥂🍷🍺," she wrote on Instagram.

Earlier this month, Watts opened up about how she handled the stress that came with the coronavirus, writing on Instagram, "I heard that it’s #NationalStressAwarenessDay today. Glad there’s a day for this, as I know we are all feeling it right now. Globally!!"

"I’m giving myself permission to feel all of it!! (And not just on the “stress day”)," she added. "I feel like I have 7056 different emotions going on all day/everyday. Covering the entire spectrum of dark to light. It’s ok to walk through all of it…the greatest comfort is knowing that we’re all in it together. Right? I trust we will come through this, having learned so many valuable things along the way."