Naomi Watts Celebrates The Impossible Being the No. 1 Movie on Netflix with Candid Photos from Set

The Impossible tells the real-life story of Maria Belon and her family, who all miraculously survived the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami

Naomi Watts, Tom Holland
Photo: Naomi Watts/Instagram

Eight years after its release, Naomi Watts's movie The Impossible is the number one movie on Netflix.

The streamer's new Top 10 function allows users to see which movies are being watched the most, and the recent addition from 2012 has taken the top stop over the last few days.

The movie tells the real-life story of Maria Belon and her family, who survived the devastating 2004 tsunami in Thailand against all odds. Watts, 52, stars Belon with Ewan McGregor playing her husband Enrique and a pre-Spider-Man (and adorable!) Tom Holland as their oldest son Lucas.

To celebrate the Netflix news, Watts shared a series of photos from set on Monday, including a sweet one with her two kids, Sasha and Kai, as toddlers while she was filming.

"Heard The Impossible is #1 on @netflix !! Wowza!! Here’s a few #tb pics. This was one of my all time favorite filming experiences. Being in Thailand with such wonderful people (some here) and telling the incredible story of María Belón and her family, who miraculously survived the tsunami in 2004," Watts wrote.

Naomi Watts, Tom Holland
Naomi Watts/Instagram
Naomi Watts, Tom Holland
Naomi Watts/Instagram

The tsunami took 230,000 lives in 14 countries, but somehow spared Belon’s entire family, who found each other at a hospital after days of frantic searching.

While she found her son Lucas, then 10, shortly after the tsunami, her boys Tomas, then 8, and Simon, then 5, were first found by her husband before the family miraculously reunited at the hospital where Belon was being treated for life-threatening injuries.

Still, in a PEOPLE interview after the film came out, Belon insisted nothing special spared her life.

“There is no difference between me-a Spanish woman named Maria who is alive-and thousands of moms who are under the sea. I do not deserve to be alive, but life is not fair. I feel pain and compassion for so many others who didn’t come back up or lost the ones they love.”

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