"Thank you for bringing me into this world and teaching me what it means to be a woman," Rumer Willis wrote on Instagram

By Jacqueline Andriakos
Updated May 11, 2015 12:15 PM
Credit: Stefanie Keenan/Getty

Demi Moore was feeling the Mother’s Day love.

The actress’s three daughters with ex-husband Bruce Willis flooded social media Sunday with an impressive display of old pictures and kind words to honor their mom.

Tallulah, Scout and Rumer Willis each took to Instagram and Twitter to thank Moore, 52, for being an “incredible woman,” as 26-year-old Rumer wrote.

The Dancing with the Stars competitor and eldest sis posted a throwback photo of Moore holding a young Rumer in her arms.

“Thank you for bringing me into this world and teaching me what it means to be a woman,” she captioned the picture. “I will never cease to be in awe of your strength, wisdom and generosity.”

Scout, the 23-year-old middle child, took to Twitter to share several old pictures of her look-alike mama.

Next to shots of Moore in The Butcher’s Wife, Scout wrote, “Mama being my actual doppelgänger.”

She also captured in a Vine video one of the life lessons she learned from Moore in the 1991 film. The actress says in the clip, “You know what? Life is life, and it’s messy, and it’s complicated – and you know what, it takes guts.”

Last but not least, the youngest of the Willis trio showed off a favorite framed picture that she keeps beside her bed and another of herself all grown up, still cuddled in mom’s lap.

“I love that woman so much, [it’s] almost overwhelming,” 21-year-old Tallulah wrote. “She’s my best friend. I am so proud of her and blessed to be her baby.”

The girls have remained extremely close with Moore over the years after their parents divorced back in 1998.

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Rumer recently shared a family photo of her father, 60, her sisters and mother posing all together at the DWTS premiere in March. She captioned the image, “#familyportait #rare.”

Rumer told television host Larry King in March, “They always made an effort to do all of the family events still together and made such an effort to still have our family be as one unit, as opposed to two separate things, which I think really made an impact.”

She said of her mom, “She’s very strong, and I think I’ve learned a lot of the integrity that I try to hold for myself and everything that I do and the value that I try and put out in the world [from her].”