'Moon Knight' 's Ethan Hawke, Oscar Isaac Reveal Their Kids Are 'Not That Impressed' by Their Films

The actors share a few humbling reactions their kids have had to their fan-loved films

Ethan Hawke and Oscar Isaac are two of Hollywood's most celebrated actors, but that doesn't mean their kids are necessarily impressed with all of their performances.

Speaking to PEOPLE in the latest issue in support of their new Marvel series Moon Knight, the two actors share a few humbling experiences in showing past projects to their discerning youngsters.

Hawke, 51, who is dad to Maya, 23, and Levon, 20, with ex Uma Thurman, and Clementine, 13, and Indiana, 10 with wife Ryan, says he received some unexpected commentary from his kids while showing them one of his earlier, memorable roles in the 1991 drama White Fang.

"They all watched White Fang the other day," he says. "I'm in every frame of that movie, and an hour and 15 minutes in I'm like, 'How do you like it, guys?' And they're like, 'It's okay. When are you going to come on?' I was so hurt. I mean, I'm not even recognizable? And they were like, 'What do you mean?' I said, 'That one with the crooked teeth!' 'Oh! That's you?'"

This reveal delights his costar: "That's amazing," says Isaac, 43, who is dad to two sons ages 4 and 2, with wife and filmmaker Elvira Lind.

Ethan Hawke and Oscar Isaac attend the Moon Knight Los Angeles Special Launch Event
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"[My kids] have seen some stuff. They're not that impressed," he offers. "A little bit of Star Wars, but it's a little scary. My oldest is only four years old, he saw the teaser trailer for the next Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. And I don't have any lines. I'm like, 'That's me! That's going to be me when it comes out.' And so he got excited about that. And he's excited about Moon Knight too. Megan [Kasperlik], our costume designer, made him a little Moon Knight suit. So he did run around in that a lot."

Hawke says Moon Knight, a limited series about Egyptian gods and their influence on humans, has given him some street cred with his teenager.

"My 13-year-old saw the Moon Knight trailer and all of the sudden my being an actor was real to her," he says. "She watched it on her phone, she's like 'Dad, this looks really good.' I mean her eyes just went [wide]; she couldn't believe it. 'That's what the kids at school are talking about.' So this is the first one that [impressed] her."

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And although Isaac and Hawke's characters are at odds in their Marvel series, the actors had a blast working together.

"Neither one of us had been in this kind of storytelling before," says Hawke. "But we could rely on each other like, 'Wait, that's good, right?' 'Yes. That is good.' We felt safe with one another and just have a similar vocabulary."

The actors are also happily embracing fan art and love for their onscreen pairing in Moon Knight.

"Did you see there was a post somewhere, somebody did a poster with my Before Sunrise [trilogy]?" Hawke asks his costar. "They did a Before Moon Knight with us kissing."

"Beautiful. That's gorgeous," says Isaac with a laugh. "Sometimes the internet really comes through."

Moon Knight is now streaming on Disney+

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