WATCH: George Clooney and Julia Roberts Face an Unhinged Investor in This Exclusive 'Money Monster' Clip

Money Monster hits theaters May 13


As Julia Roberts‘ character puts it: “This isn’t good.”

In this tense exclusive clip from the upcoming film Money Monster, an unhinged investor who lost everything menacingly paces around the studio of a financial show modeled after CNBC’s Mad Money while it’s live on the air.

As the man (Unbroken‘s Jack O’Connell) faces off against host Lee Gates (George Clooney), the man smashes something against a wall, then nervously jumps around the stage.

“This isn’t good, Lee,” producer Patty Fenn (Roberts) says to Gates through a headset from the control room into his earpiece.

Clooney, meanwhile, covertly eyes a handgun lying on the floor while wearing what appears to be a vest armed with explosives.

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“Do not,” Roberts implores him as she watches him eyeing the weapon.

Does he grab it?

The clip fades to black before we have our answer. (But not before we see Clooney’s eyes dart between the hostage-taker, the gun and the camera.)

Money Monster, directed by Jodie Foster, hits theaters May 13.

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