Moana composer and lyricist Lin-Manuel Miranda earned an Oscar nod for "How Far I'll Go," but that's just one tune on a soundtrack of heavy-hitters.

By Ale Russian
February 07, 2017 04:42 PM


Moana composer and lyricist Lin-Manuel Miranda has been nominated for a Best Original Song Oscar thanks to the movie’s power anthem “How Far I’ll Go” — but that’s just one tune on a soundtrack full of memorable heavy-hitters.

The others offer a series of delightful Pacific-inspired beats and moving choral arrangements, all in the service of an empowering story about a young girl’s quest to save her people and their idyllic way of life.

Listen to all the sing-along-worthy songs from the soundtrack below!

This first song from the film, majestic and exuberant with its Samoa-inspired lyrics and melodies, sets the tone for the rest of the movie, which echoes those choral arrangements throughout.

The choral vocal layering continues, as the song’s title pays homage to the film’s precocious titular heroine, voiced by newcomer Auli’i Cravalho.

Here is where a toe-tapping joyous beat is introduced, as Moana’s family tries to convince her that her utopian island home is all she needs. With her father telling her to “consider the coconuts,” Moana is immediately torn between her thirst for more and her bond to her home and the people she loves.

This is it, the big one. The Oscar-nominated big one. Miranda’s song about Moana looking ahead and realizing she wants more from life was highly favored to earn an Oscar nomination for Best Original Song. It’s Moana‘s answer to Frozen‘s “Let it Go” — and it accomplishes the job beautifully, starting out intimately and building to a grand crescendo as our heroine intones, “If the wind in my sail on the sea stays behind me /One day I’ll know, how far I’ll go.”

Well, hello, Mr. Miranda! The Hamilton creator gets to show off his singing chops in this joyous song about Moana learning how to use her surroundings to discover the world and “know who we are.”

It’s back — and with more urgency. This time, Moana isn’t just dreaming of what she can accomplish; she’s actually set out to do it … alone.

He sings! PEOPLE’s Sexiest Man Alive Dwayne Johnson lends his voice to the cocky if kind-hearted demi-god Maui, and the result is infectiously charming as Maui brags about all the gifts he’s given the human race. Note for note, Johnson pulls it off effortlessly.

Another great entry in Disney’s songbook of memorable villain tunes. This David Bowie-inspired song features Jermaine Clement’s effortless swagger and smooth voice as a wily crab up to no good when he meets our heroes.

This is the big emotional song in which Moana comes to terms with herself and what she wants, with a few strains of “How Far I’ll Go” woven in.

“Know Who You Are”

It’s a big pivotal moment here, narratively and musically, as Moana finds what she was looking for and the movie’s themes of identity and independence converge.

The reprise of “How Far I’ll Go” ends the movie on a joyous note that doubles down on its message of family and community.

“Here” hitmaker Alessia Cara lends her vocals to the movie’s breakout song, reworked with a pop flair.

It’s the most Hamilton song on the album, with new cast member Jordan Fisher stepping in for Johnson’s singing role in the film, with Miranda accompanying him.