Mira Sorvino and Family Dress Up Like the Cast of Friends — and Lisa Kudrow Approves!

Sorvino says her Romy and Michele's High School Reunion costar liked her Phoebe Buffay impression

Mira Sorvino and her family have been getting creative while quarantining at home during the Coronavirus crisis.

One night, to make their dinner time more entertaining, Sorvino, 52, and her husband, actor Christopher Backus, 38, along with their four children Mattea, 15, Johnny, 14, Holden, 11, and Lucia 8 came up with a plan to incorporate one of their favorite TV shows.

"Mattea was like, 'Let's do a Friends dinner.' They're obsessed with Friends," says Sorvino.

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So the family got to work picking out costumes and props to portray their favorite characters.

"I was supposed to be Monica. Then at the last minute, there was a switch because Lucia looked more like Rachel. Then Mattea switched to Monica. I then was by default, Phoebe. I'm good friends with Lisa Kudrow from Romy and Michele's High School Reunion. So that was a little funny," says Sorvino. "I just tried to put together the wackiest Phoebe Buffay outfit I could find."

mira sorvino and family
Mira Sorvino at home with her family. Denise Crew

Meanwhile, Backus portrayed Ross complete with a stuffed animal monkey on his shoulder while their sons were Joey and Chandler. They then enjoyed a lasagna dinner (to commemorate an episode from the show's first season called The One With The Dozen Lasagnas) followed by cheesecake for dessert all while in character.

So what did Kudrow think when Sorvino sent her a video of the night?

"I sent her the finished product," says Sorvino. "She said it was good, but she's so polite. Who knows?"

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