What, like it's hard?

By Georgia Slater
December 04, 2019 09:59 AM

Watch out Elle Woods, Mindy Kaling may be ready to take your spot at Harvard Law.

On Tuesday, the 40-year-old actress copied the iconic Legally Blonde character’s look made famous by Reese Witherspoon, sharing two side-by-side photos of the hilariously accurate portrayal on Instagram.

Channeling Woods’ bedtime outfit from her Harvard Law dorm room, Kaling is seen wearing a light blue bathrobe complete with smiling white clouds and even made sure to include her own Bruiser Woods-esque dog, holding a small stuffed animal pup in her arm.

To round out the first look, the comedian put on a “what like it’s hard?” face to mimic Witherspoon’s memorable facial expression from the film.

“@reesewitherspoon am I doing this right? #ElleWoods,” The Mindy Project actress captioned the post, asking for the original star’s approval.

Witherspoon — who went on to reprise the role of Woods in Legally Blonde 2: Red, White & Blonde and for a third sequel that is currently in the works — congratulated Kaling on a job well done, replying “Nailed it!” with a bullseye emoji.

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Kaling also recreated another scene where Woods and her Gemini vegetarian sidekick, Bruiser, lay down in bed while the Havard Law student makes a call on her fuzzy pink phone.

While The Office star didn’t have the exact pink cellphone to complete the look, she made do with an iPhone covered with a bright pink case.

Mindy Kaling/Instagram; MGM

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Witherspoon, 43, wasn’t the only actress who thought Kaling aced the impression. Jenna Fischer, who starred in The Office with Kaling, also agreed that the comedian “Nailed it!”

The Sweet Home Alabama actress and Kaling recently reunited for the Apple TV+ series, The Morning Show.

Kaling plays Audra — first introduced in episode 2 as an anchor at a rival network to The Morning Show — who attempts to poach Daniel (Desean Terry), one of Alex Levy’s (Jennifer Aniston) junior anchors. The move comes in the wake of Alex’s bombshell decision to name Bradley Jackson (Witherspoon), a local field reporter, her new permanent co-host on the a.m. news program, a job Daniel had hoped to get.