Milo Ventimiglia tried to nab the role of Batman but was told he was "too old"

By Alexia Fernandez
August 02, 2019 04:48 PM

Milo Ventimiglia had dreams of playing Batman.

The This Is Us star, 42, opened up about going out for the role of the caped crusader for the upcoming Warner Bros. film starring Robert Pattinson.

“Do I see myself in a cape and cowl? Warner Bros. didn’t,” Ventimiglia said during an interview on Variety’s “The Big Ticket” while promoting his new film The Art of Racing in the Rain.

He continued, “They were looking for a new Batman and they said, ‘Ventimiglia, you’re too old.'”

A spokesperson for Warner Bros. did not immediately respond to PEOPLE’s request for comment.

The actor isn’t holding any grudges, however.

“That’s OK, it doesn’t matter. I’m kind of busy, it’s OK,” he said. Ventimiglia did have some thoughts as to his favorite Batman actor: Christian Bale.

Milo Ventimiglia
Rodin Eckenroth/Getty

“[He], I think, was a killer Batman, but also I think he was an incredible Bruce Wayne,” Ventimiglia said. “I see the benefits of George Clooney, and Val Kilmer and Ben Affleck.”

As for whether he’ll try again for another superhero role, the actor said he was content to play real heroes for now.

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“The superhero world? Maybe I’m just playing real-life superheroes right now,” he said. “Jack Pearson, Denny Swift. They’re real attainable superheroes, that are out there in the open representing good guys and good fathers.”

Pattinson, 33, was cast as Bruce Wayne in May after a series of screen tests.

The movie will be directed by Matt Reeves, who was behind the last two films in the Planet of the Apes franchise.