Miles Teller Saves Pregnant Woman from Rip Tide in Miami (PHOTO)

The actor played lifeguard in Miami while enjoying the beach with his girlfriend

Photo: Pacific Coast News

Miles Teller to the rescue!

The Divergent actor, 28, had a major lifeguard moment over the weekend when he helped pull a pregnant woman and her child out of the rough ocean on a Miami beach.

A shirtless Teller was photographed Sunday taking the distressed mother by her hand and leading her and a young child (not pictured) out of the rip tide.

His hero moment occurred while the Whiplash star was spending an afternoon cozied up on the beach with his girlfriend, Keleigh Sperry. Wearing a bright orange bikini, the 22-year-old model watched the incident from the sand with her hand over her heart until the duo safely returned to shore.

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Teller is currently in Miami filming Arms and the Dudes with Jonah Hill and Ana de Armas.

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