Mila Kunis: Macaulay Culkin Is My 'Steady Rock'

The actress says the couple have ups and downs, but work through them

Photo: Women's Health

Mila Kunis has acted opposite some of Hollywood’s hunkiest stars. But she only has eyes for her boyfriend of seven years, Macaulay Culkin.

“I don’t know if I met him at 27 if it would have been a different relationship,” Kunis, 26 – who went from awkward teenager to young woman on That 70s Show – says in the September issue of Women’s Health.

The actress says she was still a teenager when she met Culkin, now 28. “We grew up together. You find a steady rock in your life and that s all you need. We have our ups and downs, but work through them.”

Kunis stars in the upcoming comedy Extract opposite Jason Bateman. “You can tell there’s no ego,” she says of Bateman. “He’s just a good, decent human being – and a great family man.”

Other costars have also impressed her. Kunis says James Franco, with whom she worked in the upcoming Date Night, is “incredibly smart” and Mark Wahlberg (Max Payne) is “an easygoing guy who doesn’t take himself too seriously. Basically, if you golf, you can hang out with him.”

Not surprisingly, Kunis, has fond memories of her longtime 70s co-stars. Ashton Kutcher used to help her with science homework and Wilmer Valderrama taught her how to drive.

“Topher [Grace] talked about movies all the time. And Danny [Masterson] took me to my first club and bought me my first drink,” Kunis recalls. “He was my prom date too.”

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