This marks the first time Myers has reprised the role of Dr. Evil in nearly three years

By Jodi Guglielmi
April 05, 2018 11:46 AM

Dr. Evil is back.

The iconic Austin Powers villain made his evil return on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday for a postmortem chat with the host about his most recent gig.

“The big story is still President [Donald] Trump and all the turnover in his administration,” Fallon told the audience. “It seems like every week someone new loses their job and, believe it or not, another person was just fired by Trump moments ago. This literally just happened and we’re lucky enough to get an exclusive interview with them right now.”

None other than Mike Myers dressed as his famous character appeared on screen to the sound of villainous music.

“Naturally, I was gonna be secretary of evil… but Steve Bannon got that job,” Dr. Evil said with a chuckle and a raised pinky.

When asked what he did for the Trump administration, Dr. Evil took credit for executing “all the most evil stuff.” But he made sure to clarify that he was not involved in deporting Dreamers. “Even I have my limits. I’m evil, but I’m not a monster,” he said.

Credit: Andrew Lipovsky/NBC/Getty

Dr. Evil

Dr. Evil also claimed the border wall was his idea.

“I wanted it to be a moat filled with spiky blowfish,” Dr. Evil explained. “But I didn’t want the Mexicans to pay for it, I wanted Alec Baldwin to pay for it.”

Before signing off, he announced his candidacy for president and showed off his campaign merchandise that featured the slogan, “Make the World Evil Again.”

This marks the first time Myers has reprised the role of Dr. Evil in nearly three years. The actor last made a short appearance in character during an episode of Saturday Night Live in 2014.

Dr. Evil was first made famous in the 1997 film Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery and quickly became a favorite among on-screen villains.