Michelle Williams Says Sex Assault Scandals Have Been 'Traumatizing'—but Behavior is Changing

Michelle Williams, now starring in All the Money in the World, says Hollywood sets are already 'more professional'

Michelle Williams has hope for change in the wake of the sexual harassment scandals sweeping through Hollywood.

The All the Money in the World actress, 37, tells PEOPLE in the magazine’s new issue that she is already experiencing “more professional” behavior on set and that she’s proud to be a part of “rewriting the ending to something” that could have been particularly devastating. She’s referring to the allegations of sexual abuse against her former costar Kevin Spacey and All the Money in the World director Ridley Scott’s bold decision to replace and reshoot Spacey’s role with Christopher Plummer — less than a month before the film’s release.

“It’s kind of beautiful,” says Williams of being a part of the whirlwind reshoots. “It can be done, rewriting the ending to something. We had the resources to do it and not everyone is lucky enough to be able to rewrite endings. I know that meant a lot to me personally to go from this sort of sad story of what happens in the fallout of this kind of behavior, and how many other lives are affected, no lives more than the people that Kevin hurt. It was disheartening. It felt so defeatist. And so I’ve enjoyed being part of this story. It makes other things seem possible.”

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Williams, who also stars with Hugh Jackman in The Greatest Showman, says that despite the shock surrounding the scandals, she’s feeling galvanized by the good energy she’s been experiencing from those committed to change.

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“It’s been such an interesting time in the last few months,” says the actress, who in past years was Oscar-nominated for two movies produced by disgraced mogul Harvey Weinstein: Blue Valentine and My Week with Marilyn. “It’s been on one hand brutalizing and traumatizing and on the other hand I feel like its given me this like swoop of energy I’m not really accustomed to, it’s amazing. I feel alternate endings are possible all over the spectrum at this point in time. I feel like everything’s up for grabs.”

“I feel like there’s a chance for change and that’s exciting I’m going to be a part of it,” Williams says. “I felt a difference even on the set I am working on now. It’s different. Everyone’s more professional. It’s pretty cool.”

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