Michelle Rodriguez: 'Furious 8' Will 'Be True' to Paul Walker's Wishes

Paul Walker wasn't into the "exaggerated explosions and crazy plot lines," Michelle Rodriguez tells PEOPLE

Photo: Kevin Winter/Getty

Paul Walker is gone but his memory and wishes will live on in Fast and Furious 8.

Walker’s costar, Michelle Rodriguez, tells PEOPLE at the UNITAS Gala Against Sex Trafficking in New York City on Tuesday that the film’s eighth installment will pay tribute to the late actor.

“[Paul] wanted to bring it back down to the core, which is the racing,” Rodriguez reveals. “He was always complaining about the special effects and the blue screens.”

According to the 37-year-old actress, Walker wanted to put an end to “exaggerated explosions and crazy plot lines,” so the next film will attempt to keep it “true to Paul’s wishes.”

“I think that’s what Vin [Diesel] meant when [he said] his main focus on the next one will be trying to keep it true to that car audience,” she says. “Hopefully we’ll be able to do that cause it’s gotten bigger than ever and you know we also have to stay true to that so it’ll be a challenge.”

Walker died in a car crash on Nov. 30, 2013. He had been filming Furious 7 and the film, which was released on April 3, paid tribute to the late actor.

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Rodriguez, who is already set to reprise her role in the action flick, says she’s “excited” to return, but would like to be in the company of more female characters.

“It’s a sausage factory on those sets,” the Furious actress says. “We could use a little feminine energy to balance it out!”

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