"I don't think she'd lie to me about something like that," Michael Lohan tells PEOPLE
Credit: AKM-GSI

Michael Lohan insists that his daughter Lindsay Lohan is pregnant, even as photos of her smoking and drinking continue to emerge.

“She’s not drinking, she was smoking and I talked to her about that,” Lohan tells PEOPLE.

Lindsay, 30, was spotted sipping on a beer and smoking a cigarette as she did some fishing with a few friends while aboard a luxury yacht in Sardinia.

The actress sparked talk of a pregnancy after tweeting a now-deleted post hinting that she may be expecting. A close friend of the actress denied the claims, telling PEOPLE that Lindsay “is not pregnant.”

And while her father, 56, says he doesn’t condone his daughter’s smoking, he still believes she is pregnant.

“The last communication that I had was she told me she was pregnant. I don’t know anything other than that. I believe my daughter,” he says. “I don’t think she’d lie to me about something like that. But yeah, she’s smoking. She smoked a cigarette – I’m not saying it right that she smokes, but it happened.”

Lohan also maintains that Lindsay is sober.

“Every time I’ve talked to her she’s been sober, every single time. And the good friends that are around her have told me she’s not drinking,” he insists. “I know that she’s not drinking.”

Lohan went to Italy earlier this week after a video surfaced of a woman – who, in the footage, identifies herself as Lohan – fighting with a man on a balcony and accusing him of abuse.

Lohan assured fans she’s “good and well” since jetting off to Italy, but is taking time for herself with “good friends.”