Michael Keaton Has Two 'Important' Words in Commencement Speech to Students: 'I'm Batman'

Michael Keaton can’t let his superhero past go.

The actor stopped by Kent State University in Ohio recently to give a commencement speech to graduating students and made the audience go wild with his closing remarks.

“I’ve got two words that I want you all to remember,” he said. “They’re very important, and if I leave you with anything, I’m going to leave you with these two words. And those two words are: I’m Batman.”

Keaton, 66, uttered those same two last words while playing the Caped Crusader in Tim Burton’s 1989 classic Batman and its 1992 sequel Batman Returns.

Another iconic role Keaton’s famous for playing — Beetlejuice — might be making his big return in a long-anticipated sequel, also from Burton. No deals have been made of yet for the pair to return for a follow-up, but a new script is in development according to Deadline.

Burton’s next film, a live-action adaptation of Dumbo, will star Keaton and opens March 29, 2019.

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