Michael Douglas, 75, Says He Worries About His Daredevil 19-Year-Old Son Dylan

Michael Douglas responded to clips of his youngest son cliff diving and skydiving

Michael Douglas has some advice for his youngest son, Dylan Douglas.

On Thursday’s episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the legendary actor — who recently celebrated his 75th birthday — reflected on aging and watching his three children grow up.

“I’m moving right along,” he said. “I had a cancer about eight or nine years ago where I sort of thought about that stuff. But once I got a clean bill of health after that, it was kind of straight on, feeling good.”

“Having a younger bride [Catherine Zeta-Jones] makes me feel good on one side, and I got the old man [father Kirk Douglas] on the other side with still a full head of hair,” Douglas continued. “So it’s all good, you know, you can’t be an idiot about it.”

Host Ellen DeGeneres then began talking about Douglas’ three children — Dylan, 19, Carys, 16, and Cameron, 40 — and shared a clip of his son Dylan diving off of a cliff into water.

“He’s a daredevil,” DeGeneres said. “Where was that?”

Catherine Zeta-Jones/Instagram

“That was, I think, in Sicily,” Douglas replied.

“He does all kinds of things like this,” DeGeneres added, showing another photo of Dylan skydiving.

“He just did a skydiving thing,” Douglas said. “But I remember that age. It’s a hormonal thing, I think, for boys, testing yourself … I just think it — you know, what I did not like is he was the first one to jump.”

“I said, ‘Don’t be the first one to jump!'” the Kominsky Method actor continued. “Let a couple other people go off first to test it … So I said, ‘Okay, just don’t be first!'”

In August, Douglas shared an Instagram video of Dylan taking his leap out of the plane while skydiving. “No I wasn’t the Cameraman! 😂📸,” the actor captioned the daring clip.

Dylan shared another video of the skydiving adventure to his own Instagram account as well, cheekily writing in the caption, “Don’t tell mom…”

Dylan’s mother Zeta-Jones, 50, assured him she had seen the video, hilariously commenting, “Mom just found out😩😩😩😩.”

Meanwhile, his older brother Cameron showed the teen some support, writing in the comments, “🤘.”

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