Michael Douglas opened up about his teen son's passion for charity work

By Maggie Parker
Updated April 25, 2016 04:00 PM
Credit: Jamie McCarthy/WireImage

Michael Douglas is one proud papa.

The actor, 71, discussed his son Dylan’s passion for charity work, saying he couldn’t be happier that a desire to give back runs in the family.

“I think it’s just being in the same household, he looks at how I spend my time and what I’m doing,” Douglas, 71, told PEOPLE on Saturday at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York. “He’s a good son. I am very proud.”

Dylan, 15, recently spoke in front of a crowded ballroom at his school’s annual benefit.

Douglas, who has opened up about Dylan’s learning disabilities in the past, shared a photo of his youngest son with wife Catherine Zeta-Jones on Facebook writing, “So proud of Dylan! Speaking at a Windward School fundraiser last night.”

At the film festival, Douglas was helping bring awareness to an important issue at the premiere of The Bomb, a 360-degree installation about the nuclear weapon crisis.

“I’m a 40-year no nukes guy,” he told PEOPLE of his desire to be involved in this project. “It’s just an issue that’s been important to me.”

The actor hopes the 55-minute film will help bring about change.

“With The Bomb closing the festival, maybe someone else is realizing this is an important issue. Hopefully this film will inspire a new generation. It’s a stunning film, it doesn’t feel like an educational lesson, it hits you in your heart and your gut.”