Mariah Haas
April 16, 2015 06:20 PM

Michael Douglas is adding another “tough-as-nails” role to his resumé with his upcoming film Beyond the Reach.

Douglas stars as wealthy businessman Madec, who enlists the help of tracking guide Ben (Jeremy Irvine) to help him illegally hunt game in the Mojave Desert. But their trip takes a dismal turn when Madec accidentally shoots a man.

In the exclusive clip above, a shirtless and very sunburnt Ben is frantically trying to grab padding from a sofa to wrap his bare feet while Madec echoes, “Now Ben you know that’s not fair. Get your ass out of there or I’m going to come down there and shoot you.”

“It’s good to be bad. It’s fun you have to enjoy it,” Douglas told reporters at the Beyond the Reach press conference in Beverly Hills, California, on Wednesday. “You’re kind of above everything. You can pay off anybody. You have no moral compass. You just try to be as charming as possible so everybody kind of says, ‘I wish I can be that guy.'”

Beyond the Reach will be released in theaters and VOD on Friday.

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