September 25, 2017 01:36 PM

Michael Cera just released a new song, but no, he’s not singing on it.

On Monday, the Superbad actor released the upbeat, synth-heavy song “Best I Can” from Dina, an upcoming documentary he wrote original music for.

“Best I Can” features singer Sharon Van Etten and Cera, 29, told Pitchfork the song was originally just a placeholder until the film’s directors got the rights to use another song.

“I said, ‘Well, let me take a stab at making a pop song for that spot,” Cera said. The directors ended up getting the rights to the song they wanted, but they still gave “Best I Can” a spot in the film’s credits and created a music video for it, featuring the film’s stars.

“I knew I wanted a lead female vocal for this song,” he continued, saying that he met Van Etten at a bar one night. “She told me she had this music rehearsal space that she rents out and she was looking for someone to share it with.”

“It was kind of perfect timing,” he added.

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Dina — which won the U.S. documentary grand jury prize at the Sundance Film Festival in January — is directed by Dan Sickles and Antonio Santini and tells the story of Dina Bruno, an eccentric middle-aged woman who invites her fiancée to move in with her.

The Arrested Development actor described the score he created for the film as “pretty limited,” adding, “it’s not wall-to-wall music because it’s a pretty quiet, intimate portrait of a movie.”

But if you’re worried Cera’s going to abandon acting to become a full-time composer anytime soon, don’t be.

“I would say it’s just a hobby,” he continued. “It’s not something I could ever attempt to do as a career or something. I don’t have anywhere near that kind of ability or range. But it’s something I really enjoy doing.”

Dina opens in select theaters starting Oct. 6.


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