April 07, 2017 10:54 AM


Enunciation is key — and Michael Caine learned that the hard way.

In an upcoming appearance on The Graham Norton Show, the 84-year-old actor reveals that he was once mistaken for a drug dealer at an upscale party because his British accent left listeners thinking he said “my cocaine” when introducing himself.

“I was at a party in the Philippines and the hostess was looking at me rather nastily and finally she beckoned me over and said, ‘Are you a drug dealer?’ ” Caine says.

“When I said, ‘No, why do you ask?’ She said, ‘Why is everyone calling you My Cocaine?’ You know that story is true because you couldn’t make it up.”

Caine took to the show alongside Morgan Freeman. Both actors star in the new crime comedy Going in Style, about three lifelong pals who set out on a bank heist.

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Freeman, who has a distinctive voice of his own, opens up about his famous tone on the show.

“I am constantly asked to do answering-machine recordings, but I won’t do any more unless I can charge for it!” he says, noting that he doesn’t even use his voice on his own answering machine.

“If you don’t know me and you get that voice you’re going to hang up!”

Both stars play aging criminals older than their actual ages in the new film. But that doesn’t bother Freeman one bit.

“I’ve been playing ‘old’ for a long time,” he says.

Caine adds that his old age will one day push him out of the industry.” Actors don’t retire, the movie retires them,” he said. “Some people get retired after their first movie.

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