On Tuesday's episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, co-hosted by Chrissy Teigen, the Creed II star revealed that he has slid into fans' direct messages on social media

Michael B. Jordan has connected with his fans in an ultra-modern way.

On Tuesday’s episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, co-hosted by Chrissy Teigen, the Creed II star, 31, revealed that he has slid into fans’ direct messages in search of romance.

“Have you ever hooked up via direct messages?” Teigen asked him.

“Yes, I have,” Jordan answered without hesitation. “I have, I have, I have, I have. I’m human, I’m human. Not often, but yes, I have.”

“My assistant is actually going to try to DM you right after this,” the mom of two quipped. “She’s ready for kids, everything.”

“I’mma take my time and ease on into that,” Jordan replied.

Earlier in the interview, DeGeneres pressed Jordan about how he could still be single.

“I’ve been working,” the Black Panther actor explained. “I’ve been working crazy. So I’ve not really had the time to properly date.”

“We don’t buy it,” the talk show host said. “We all work hard, but we have relationships. So many people have crushes. It must be flattering. There are so many girls who are just crazy about you.”

Ellen DeGeneres
Michael B. Jordan
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“We are treating him like a piece of meat,” Teigen chimed in later. “He’s a very talented actor.”

Jordan has no shortage of options if he does decide to date. Earlier in November, as Nicki Minaj was named female artist of 2018 at the E! People’s Choice Awards, the rapper made it known that she has her eye on Jordan.

“Shout-out to Donatella Versace for custom making this outfit for me,” she said in her speech. “And shout-out to Michael B. Jordan because he’s going to be taking it off of me tonight.”

In September, U.S. Open champ Naomi Osaka bashfully admitted on DeGeneres’ show that she has a crush on Jordan, too.

When Osaka turned 21 in October, DeGeneres put that information to good use by tweeting her a picture of Jordan shirtless. “pls block me,” Osaka replied.

Jordan jumped in with his own picture of his buff body. “This one is better and more recent. LOL,” he tweeted. “Happy Belated Bday Naomi. But seriously I want to invite you to the Creed 2 premiere as a bday present.”

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Jordan nabbed a date: “LOL what is going on???” Osaka wrote. “Thanks for the bday wishes, If you’re serious I would totally want to go.”On Tuesday, Jordan told DeGeneres that he enjoyed the exchange. “I watched the [U.S. Open] match literally right before,” he recalled. “So when you sent me a text saying that she had a crush, I was like, ‘Yeah, cool.” Sending some love, congratulations and all that good stuff.”