Mia Farrow's 2-year-old granddaughter is named after Martin Luther King Jr.'s wife, Coretta Scott King
Coretta; Mia Farrow
Credit: Mia Farrow Twitter; Michael Kovac/Getty Images

Mia Farrow is proud to say that the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. and his family lives on in her 2-year-old granddaughter, Coretta.

In honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day on Monday, Farrow, 75, shared a heartfelt tweet to the late civil rights activist's daughter, Bernice King, about how Farrow's granddaughter was named after Bernice's mother, Coretta Scott King, who died in 2006 at 78 years old.

Sharing a cute photo of baby Coretta, Farrow wrote, "My little granddaughter, Coretta-already knows about both of your parents and what they lived for. She is so proud to be named after your Mother."

"Beautiful," Bernice, 57, wrote back with a heart emoji.

Farrow further elaborated on her relationship with her granddaughter amid the COVID-19 pandemic after screenwriter Jeramie Rain responded to the tweet, "What a beautiful girl with the most amazing name."

"Thank you Jeramie," said Farrow. "She is a brilliant little angel. Completely conversant & beginning to read. But as irreplaceable months pass, i can only be with her on face time."

Farrow first introduced Coretta — the child of Farrow's youngest daughter Quincy, born Kaeli-Shea, and her husband Ethan — to her social media followers on June 1, 2018, sharing a photo of the newborn baby on Twitter.

"Meet my granddaughter, Coretta," Farrow wrote at the time, tagging Bernice in the post.

She added, "Her exhausted but super proud parents are my daughter Quincy and her husband Ethan. Coretta is perfect!!."

Farrow has frequently shared snapshots of daughter Quincy, 27, and her family on her Instagram account over the years. In April, Farrow shared a throwback photo from Quincy's wedding day, writing, "The day my youngest daughter, Quincy married wonderful Ethan. A year later their baby Coretta came along.❤️ Happiest memories rolling by from home in lockdown."

Days after Farrow shared the sweet throwback shot, the Rosemary's Baby actress revealed that Quincy was hospitalized after contracting COVID-19.

"A personal request. If you would be so kind, would you please send up a prayer for my daughter Quincy," Farrow tweeted. "Today she had no alternative but to go the hospital for help in her struggle against the coronavirus."

Farrow later informed her followers that Quincy was on the mend following her hospitalization. "Every day my daughter grows stronger. Thank you again with all my heart for your good wishes and your prayers," she wrote on Twitter.

Quincy was adopted by Farrow in 1994 when she was a year old, her older brother Ronan said in a 2013 Vanity Fair article. At the time, Quincy was in college studying to be an aid worker, as her mother told the magazine.