You know, if this whole acting thing doesn't work out

By Grace Gavilanes
Updated August 05, 2015 03:00 PM
Credit: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty

In case you had any doubt, Meryl Streep is a force to be reckoned with in Hollywood – and her myriad comedic and dramatic roles have proven her versatility as an actress over the years.

While we can’t imagine anyone else slipping into the designer pumps of one Miranda Priestly in The Devil Wears Prada or hitting those high notes in Into the Woods, we began to wonder what the 66-year-old Oscar winner would be doing if she weren’t an actress.

Just like her performances, Streep also boasts a wide range of training in different arenas (read: guitar thrashing for Ricki and the Flash and cooking lessons for Julie & Julia), which all add up to a pretty extraordinary résumé to show prospective employers.

Below, see the jobs Streep would be perfect for – you know, if this whole acting thing doesn’t work out.

Rock Band Frontwoman

Given her most recent stint as rock star Ricki in the upcoming Ricki and the Flash, there’s no question Streep would most likely fill in for one of the Haim sisters or be invited to tour alongside Walk the Moon. If her on-stage performance doesn’t sell you, this nugget of wisdom will: Neil Young gave Streep her first-ever guitar lesson (which lasted 45 minutes), so you know she’s good.

Street Performer

You never know, happiness for Streep may mean belting out cover songs on a subway platform. What we do know: she’d knock it right out of the park, with each and every performance. For proof, refer to Postcards from the Edge (the first film that introduced moviegoers to a musically inclined Streep), Mamma Mia! and Into the Woods, among others.

Cookbook Author

Move over, Martha Stewart! Streep is taking over this kitchen. In her Oscar-nominated role in Julie & Julia, Streep channeled famed French chef Julia Child, which proved to be complicated due to the star’s limited cooking knowledge. But that didn’t stop her – rather, Streep practiced her cooking in the kitchen that was set up in the studio. “I could justify it because it was part of my job,” she told the Telegraph. “I’ve been cooking roast chicken for 30 years but I’d been doing it wrong, and Julia Child has a recipe that is absolutely foolproof. It’s the difference between doing it pretty well and doing it great.” We’d read a beginner’s guide on baking and roasting and everything-under-the-sun if Streep were involved.

Universal Translator

Being able to decipher accents is hard. Being able to perfectly mimic particular ones? Unheard of – if you aren’t Streep, of course. For a sampling of the star’s memorable accents, watch the clip above, which highlights scenes from Sophie’s Choice (Polish), Out of Africa (Danish) and A Cry in the Dark (Australian), to name a few.

River Guide

For her role in The River Wild, Streep channeled a former river guide who arranges a whitewater rafting trip for her family. Not surprisingly, the star did many of her own stunts in the thriller, following arduous training. Something tells us she’d be able to show us how to successfully take on those killer waves.

Concert Violinist

When it came to nailing her part in 1999’s Music of the Heart, the Oscar winner wasn’t satisfied with her violin playing, which was an integral part of her character’s life (music teacher Roberta Guaspari). Despite a tight shooting schedule, Streep asked for more time to perfect the craft. “I needed the time, or else I would’ve felt like I was doing a half-assed job,” she told EW. That dedication and “practice makes perfect” mentality probably would have led Streep to a top-notch gig at Carnegie Hall (just saying).