Meryl Streep Jokes She's 'a Little Bit in Love' with Her The Prom Costar Keegan-Michael Key

The Oscar-winning actress stars alongside Key in the Netflix film The Prom, out Friday

the prom
Meryl Streep and Keegan-Michael Key . Photo: Netflix

In The Prom, Meryl Streep's Broadway diva finds a surprising connection with a high school principal, played by Keegan-Michael Key.

The Oscar-winning actress gushed about the actor in this week’s issue of PEOPLE, saying "it was so much fun" to sing, dance and flirt with Key in the Ryan Murphy-directed Netflix film.

"It was that thing where you’ve watched someone for so long and you’re a little bit in love with them," jokes Streep, 71, when asked about their onscreen chemistry.

"Keegan—his talent is just so huge," she says. "He’s funny, he’s gorgeous and he sings."

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Key, 49, jokingly told the actress, "I will pay you later, Meryl," before telling PEOPLE, "It really is that thing when you admire somebody from afar, you hold a place in your heart for them."

the prom
James Corden, Nicole Kidman, Meryl Streep and Keegan-Michael Key in The Prom. Netflix

The film, based on the critically acclaimed 2018 Broadway musical, stars Streep and Key alongside another screen legend Nicole Kidman as well as James Corden and Andrew Rannells.

The Prom follows a group of egotistical Broadway stars who head to small-town Indiana to help a high school girl, Emma, who's banned from attending her school's prom because she wants to bring her girlfriend, Alyssa, as her date. While it sounds like a noble cause, the foursome is mainly in it for the good press they'll receive.

Jo Ellen Pellman stars as Emma and Broadway star Ariana DeBose as Alyssa, Emma's secret girlfriend.

The Prom opens in select theaters and arrives on Netflix on Friday.

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