Let Them All Talk will debut on HBO Max Dec. 10

Meryl Streep, Candice Bergen and Dianne Wiest are on a voyage in the new trailer for HBO's upcoming movie, Let Them All Talk.

On Sunday, the streaming service debuted its first trailer for the Steven Soderbergh-directed film, which stars Streep as an award-winning author, Alice, whose two oldest friends (played by Bergen and Wiest) join her across the Atlantic after she is summoned to the U.K. to receive an award.

Lucas Hedges also appears in the film as Alice's nephew, who joins them on the trip and gets caught up in a romance with a literary agent, played by Gemma Chan.

Let Them Talk
Credit: HBO Max

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly earlier this year, the three legendary actresses revealed that the movie was filmed in just two weeks aboard the Queen Mary 2 ocean-liner in 2019. They also divulged that much of the dialogue was improvised by the cast.

"They would give us the outlines of a situation, and then we knew where we had to end up," Streep, 71, explained. "But they didn't tell us how to get there."

"They gave us the scenes and the synopses of the scenes. And then we filled them in, if we could," Bergen, 74, added. "[With] a lot of talking."

Let Them Talk
Meryl Streep
| Credit: HBO Max

According to the trio, Soderbergh also filmed the movie with "no equipment," with what Bergen called "Guerrilla filmmaking."

"The only equipment was sound equipment. Steven held the camera in a wheelchair and just rolled along," Wiest, 72, added. "None of the lights, and the trucks, all that stuff that goes into making movies, there's none of it. There was Steven and this new camera."

Let Them Talk
Credit: HBO Max

"Yeah. I told [Soderbergh] he was gonna ruin everything for every director, and every production designer, and everything else, because he made the movie for 25 cents — I know that's what I was paid," Streep said. "Then it was made in two weeks, and it was a free ride on the boat."

Soderbergh, 57, is now working on a second movie for HBO, a crime film by the title No Sudden Move.

Meanwhile, Let Them All Talk will debut on HBO Max Dec. 10.