Melissa McCarthy Reveals Her Hilariously Awkward First Conversation with Sandra Bullock

The Spy star says the actress turned out to be one of her faves

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Teaming up with Sandra Bullock for the 2013 comedy The Heat seemed to be a no-brainer for Melissa McCarthy.

Yet when it came time for introductions, the Spy star says she was a “nervous wreck” to even talk to Bullock on the phone.

“I was like, ‘Oh my God, I’m going to get a call from Sandra Bullock!’ And I was still saying first and last name, I could only say ‘Sandra Bullock,’ ” McCarthy, 44, tells PEOPLE.

“Like ‘Hello, Sandra Bullock.’ ‘Nice to meet you, Sandra Bullock.’ ‘Nice to chat with you, Sandra Bullock.’ ”

Trying to calm her nerves, McCarthy, who was shooting Identity Thief at the time, says she then noticed that Bullock was speaking very softly. “She said, ‘I’m rocking the baby’ and she took this call and I was like, ‘Oh my God!’ ” McCarthy says.

“And then I weirdly whispered, and she was like, ‘You don t have to whisper, you’re not on speaker,’ and I was like, ‘I realize that, Sandra Bullock. I’m sorry, Sandra Bullock. I’ll stop whispering to your baby.’ ”

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Bullock and McCarthy became a natural team during the production, in which they played an FBI agent and police detective respectively, and playing off each other’s raw comedic talent was a daily lesson in hilarity.

“That whole bar dance scene somehow felt like we got wasted and then nine hours passed by and it was almost like a blackout,” McCarthy tells PEOPLE in this week’s cover story. “Literally there was nothing planned, and I don’t know how it started. At one point I said, ‘Can I get tape?’ And then I started taping the forks to my fingers.”

“Sandy said, ‘What are you doing?’ And then she was like, ‘Did you ever tape your face up as a kid?’ And then five hours had passed and we were both choking on water laughing,” McCarthy continues. “I spit several times all over her face and she was doing my nose. It was really weird. You can’t believe we’re not bombed out of our minds. We were just being idiots.”

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