Melissa McCarthy Plays Coy About Her Rumored 'Thor: Love and Thunder' Cameo

"That was me going to my cousin Dawn's bridal book party," Melissa McCarthy quipped of a photo that seemingly featured her dressed as Thor: Ragnarok's Hela

Melissa McCarthy: god?

The God's Favorite Idiot actress appeared on The Tonight Show Tuesday, where host Jimmy Fallon asked her about a photo making the rounds online in which she appears dressed as Hela, the villainous sister of Thor and Loki in 2017's Thor: Ragnarok, played by Cate Blanchett.

"It looks like you on the set of Thor: Love and Thunder and my question is, is that you? Is this photo real?" Fallon, 47, asked his guest.

"You know what that was? That was me going to my cousin Dawn's bridal book party," McCarthy, 51, jokingly replied, with a straight face. "That's [how] you dress to go to a bridal book party."

"So you cannot confirm nor deny this is... " the host continued.

"If that is even me," McCarthy replied. "And if it is, that was at Dawn's house."

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Melissa McCarthy
The Tonight Show. Jimmy Fallon

McCarthy and husband Ben Falcone, whom she stars with on the upcoming God's Favorite Idiot, previously said in a video posted to social media back in December 2020 that they would love to be in the next Thor installment.

"Melissa and I are desperate to be in the film Love and Thunder," Falcone, 48, said into the camera, while McCarthy added, "I am not afraid to perform a monologue."

While Falcone said he would also perform a monologue, he also sent a plea directly to the people in charge of the upcoming Marvel movie, including director Taika Waititi and star Chris Hemsworth.

"Taika and Chris and the people at Marvel studio," Falcone said, hilariously pronouncing Marvel like the ice-cream brand Carvel. "I have been known to be a song-and-dance man."

The hilarious video ended with both of them singing their final pleas. "We're available and a local hire," McCarthy said before Falcone joined in. "We could be love and thunder, or thunder and love."

Melissa McCarthy
Melissa McCarthy. Todd Owyoung/NBC/Getty

Hitting theaters on July 8, Thor: Love and Thunder sees Hemsworth, 38, reunite with Natalie Portman, who takes on the mantle of Mighty Thor. A recent trailer gave glimpses of Hemsworth, Portman, 40, and Tessa Thompson, as well as Christian Bale's villainous Gorr the God Butcher.

And despite McCarthy's involvement or non-involvement in the sequel, she has another villainous (and musical!) appearance to look forward to: that of the sea witch Ursula in Disney's upcoming Little Mermaid live-action film.

"I am not a singer, but I think, getting ready for Ursula, I was so surprised that I could actually, like, control my voice," the actress said on the 2022 Critics Choice Awards red carpet in March.

McCarthy also joked that that doesn't mean, however, she'll venture into a music career anytime soon: "But still, you have to know which lane you're in. ... and I'm fine with that!"

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