Melanie Griffith shares her three kids, including Dakota Johnson, with ex-husbands Don Johnson, Steven Bauer and Antonio Banderas

By Ale Russian
August 10, 2020 01:54 PM
Melanie Griffith/Instagram

Melanie Griffith had a special morning when she woke up on her birthday.

The actress turned 63 on Sunday and woke up to a sign hung up on her front gate — she just didn't know who did the sweet gesture.

"I woke up this morning, my 63rd Birthday morning, to this beautiful Happy Birthday on my gate. But I had no idea who did it!!! Then my friends Eli and Kevin dropped off Cake and cookies for me," she recalled in the caption. "We chatted, I told them I had no idea who did this beautiful gate display! They said maybe I should check my security camera system. Then they left! Finally.... they sent the last 2 photos in this triplet. Stealth decorators they are!!"

She continued, "I love all of my friends so much. I’ve gotten flowers and gifts and sweet texts and FaceTimes from my children, my ex-husbands and sooo many dear friends. I am so grateful to all of you!! Thank you for thinking of me and showing me so much love!!!"

Griffith shares actress daughter Dakota Johnson, 30, with ex-husband Don Johnson, son Alexander, 34, with ex-husband Steven Bauer and daughter Stella, 23, with ex-husband Antonio Banderas (who just revealed he's celebrating his 60th birthday on Monday while positive with COVID-19).

During an interview with PEOPLE earlier this year, Banderas opened up about his relationship with Griffith following their 20-year marriage, which ended in 2015.

“Melanie is not my wife anymore, but I think she is my best friend,” the Pain and Glory star said. “I love her and will love her until the day I die. She’s my family.”

Banderas said their daughter Stella has inherited her parents’ creativity.

“She’s a natural writer. She was reading books since she was very little and she loved to be behind the camera and all the attention,” Banderas said. “If you had a second life I would love to just step in there. Maybe my daughter is just my second life.”

Banderas also helped Griffith raise her daughter Dakota and son Alexander Bauer.

“I was there because I love their mother and I am totally taken with their mother and they were the most important part of what she came with,” Banderas said. “Very soon they understood that. They called me Paponio, a mixture between Papa and Antonio.”

Banderas still spends holidays and special occasions with Griffith and all of their children. He described their early time together as a family as five “beautiful years.”

“Melanie decided to stay home when I was working outside the United States to give them the life they deserve to have like everybody else,” he said. “It was not fair for them just to be traveling all around the world. I think now that it was very interesting because they knew other realities.”