Rogue will be available on-demand beginning Aug. 28

By Georgia Slater
July 21, 2020 01:48 PM

Megan Fox isn't messing around as a battle-hardened soldier in her upcoming action movie.

On Monday, Lionsgate dropped its first trailer for Rogue, an explosive film starring Fox as a mercenary leading a group of soldiers on a rescue mission in Africa.

Fox plays Samantha O'Hara as she takes her fellow mercenaries through dangerous twists and turns including kidnappers, explosions, and a gigantic lion as they try to rescue hostages from their captors in a remote area.

The trailer opens with Fox — decked out in army green clothing and a black New York Yankees hat — and her team as they set out on a mission to capture an asset, the daughter of an African governor who was kidnapped.

"This unit goes in, there’s more than one girl so their plan is immediately compromised, and their extraction goes wrong," the film's director and writer M.J. Bassett told Entertainment Weekly of what happens next.

"So, suddenly they find themselves on the run from the bad guys, looking for refuge in Africa, and come across an abandoned farm, or they think it’s abandoned," she continued. "While they’re hunkering down they realize that the farm was used as a poachers’ stronghold and a breeding place for lions for the hunting industry and the East Asian medicinal market."

When the squad finds themselves stuck without ammunition with a dangerous lion on the loose, Fox has to help her team try to survive a night of attacks.


The action-packed film also stars Greg Kriek, Jessica Sutton, Calli Taylor, Brandon Auret, Adam Deacon and Sisanda Henna.

Bassett told EW that Rogue was "supposed to be a really small picture" and she didn't expect the script to take off like it did or that they would get Fox to take part in the film.

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"I was like, 'Well, we’re never going to get Megan Fox, that's ridiculous. It’s a little movie.'" she recalled thinking. "She read it and said 'Yes' the next day, which never happens ever."

Rogue will be available on-demand beginning Aug. 28.