Megan Fox Says People 'Anticipate a Shallowness' from Her Because of Her Looks

'I'm going to be made into what people desire me to be,' she says

Photo: Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images

Megan Fox is done fighting the media’s perception of her.

In a recent interview with the Los Angeles Times, the actress opened up about how the public has had difficulty reconciling her intellectual interests with her stunning good looks.

“You know how women that are always cast in James Bond movies are pinups but their job in the movies is always being a marine biologist or neuroscientist?” Fox, 30, said. “I think people react to me that way. Like, ‘Right, she’s studying neurobiology.’ But I am really interested in that.”

However, Fox has come to realize that resisting her sex symbol status is futile.

“I’m not going to keep fighting the image that exists,” she said. “I think people, in general, are plebeians that are brainwashed by the type of media that they expose themselves to.”

She continued: “People anticipate a shallowness [from me]. They anticipate a self-centeredness and a lack of self-awareness. It doesn’t … matter what I say, or how eloquent a speaker I may be, or how positive my intentions may be. I’m going to be made in what people desire me to be.”

One moment, Fox said, “they might desire to exalt me onto a pedestal. But the next? You’re a human sacrifice. The control is not in my hands.”

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In the meantime, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows star will continue to focus on acting and her other passions: “alternative history, antiquities, archaeology.”

These interests were sparked, she said, when she toured the Great Pyramid of Giza while filming Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen in Egypt and a “high-ranking” member of the Ministry of Antiquities said the pyramid was never actually a tomb.

“They presume they may have been some type of energy plant at some point. The sarcophagus that is in the Great Pyramid was put there by the government for tourism,” Fox said. “And that sparked in me an interest in really exposing this sort of thing, because I realized I have access to things I shouldn’t have access to because of what I do for a living.”

When asked whether she would consider hosting a History Channel show on which she goes on archaeological digs, Fox replied, “It might be something like that.”

Or, “if I ended up working for Vice, that would be a dream,” she said. “I don’t know how that could ever work, but I do have a little bit of a journalistic streak and I’m also reckless enough to do well in that field, I think.”

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