Meet Leonardo DiCaprio's Two New Doppelg ngers!

"We found Leo in Russian forces," a Russian news organization tweeted out

Photo: Jamie McCarthy/Getty

Between having a Golden Globe under his belt and being an Oscar front-runner for The Revenant, it’s hard not to be jealous of Leonardo DiCaprio‘s time in the spotlight.

But while the rest of us sit back and day dream about traveling the world and attending awards shows, these people are one step closer to living the glamorous life of DiCaprio – because of their looks!

Two new DiCaprio doppelg nger’s have been discovered, and their resemblance will seriously blow you away.

First up, a member of the Russian forces bears an uncanny resemblance to the 41-year-old Titanic star.

“We found Leo in Russian forces,” a Russian news organization tweeted out.

With the man in the photo’s blue eyes, light facial hair and prominent eye brows, he could easily pass as an older DiCaprio.

In a much more adorable case of look-alikes, it turns out, Kate Hudson‘s 12-year-old son Ryder is a dead-ringer for DiCaprio circa 1990s.

While walking the red carpet for Kung Fu Panda 3 with his mom and brother Bingham, 4, reporters couldn’t help but take notice to the youngster’s dashing looks.

“You kind of have like a young Leonardo DiCaprio look,” The Insider said to Ryder.

As Hudson, 36, cracked up laughing in the background, Ryder looked thrilled to be compared to such a heart throb, adding that he also might want to follow in the veteran actor’s footsteps.

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“I hope so,” he said when the reporter asked if he wanted to be an actor.

Ryder and the Russian man aren’t the first people to get attention for sharing physical similarities with DiCaprio.

Earlier this year, the internet freaked out when a 21-year-old Swedish man was discovered who bears a shockingly striking resemblance to a young DiCaprio.

On top of their physical similarities, the man even appears to have the same fashion sense as the now 41-year-old actor, favoring leather jackets, tight jeans and boots.

We might never let go.

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