"It is beyond regrettable that Porsche is trying to deflect its own responsibility by blaming the victim," Meadow Walker's attorney said of Paul Walker's death

November 17, 2015 10:40 AM

After Porsche claimed that Paul Walker knew the potential dangers involved in driving or riding in the Carrera GT that he subsequently died in, Meadow Walker‘s attorney continues to assert that her father was not at fault for the incident.

“It is beyond regrettable that Porsche is trying to deflect its own responsibility by blaming the victim – Paul Walker – for his own death by getting into the passenger seat of its Carrera GT,” her attorney, Jeff Milam, said in a statement. “Contrary to Porsche’s assertions, the facts are clear: Paul was the passenger in a car that was not designed to protect its occupants, in a crash on a dry, empty straightaway in broad daylight and at speeds well below the vehicle’s advertised capabilities.”

He continues: “If Porsche had designed the car to include proper safety features, Paul would have survived, he would be filming Fast and Furious 8 and Meadow Walker would have the father she adored. ”

Nearly two months after Meadow filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the car company, Porsche responded that Walker is responsible for his own death.

In documents obtained by PEOPLE, the car company alleges that “Mr. Walker knowingly and voluntarily assumed all risk, perils and danger in respect to the use of the subject 2005 Carrera GT, that the perils, risk and dangers were open and obvious and known to him, and that he chose to conduct himself in a manner as to expose himself to such perils, dangers and risks, thus assuming all the risks involved in using the vehicle.”

The company says that his knowledge of the risks should “bar the plaintiff’s recovery or, in the alternative, should reduce the plaintiff’s right to recovery from PCNA in an amount equivalent to Mr. Walker’s fault.”

Porsche also asserts that the car “was misused and improperly maintained” and that this contributed to the incident.

Meadow’s lawsuit claims that it was a lack of proper stability control and a “defective” seatbelt that contributed to her father’s death at age 40.

The Fast and Furious actor died in the collision in November 2013 after his friend Roger Rodas lost control of the vehicle while driving, resulting in the accident that killed both. Police deemed that the cause of the accident was speeding, citing Rodas’ speed between 80 and 93 mph.

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