Find out which Wine Country star and SNL alum is the go-to friend for trip planning, pets, homeopathic remedies and more

Friends of 20-plus years often rely on each other for guidance — and such is the case with the all-female cast of Netfix’s new comedy Wine Country.

Longtime buddies Amy Poehler, Maya Rudolph, Tina Fey, Ana Gasteyer, Paula Pell and Rachel Dratch recently sat down with PEOPLE to discuss their bond and what they’re each experts on.

“I’ve become the go-to person for bedbug advice,” Rudolph, 46, revealed. “I had very early bedbug incident living in New York City many years before it became a city-wide.”

The cast of Wine Country from left, clockwise top to bottom: Ana Gasteyer, Maya Rudolph, Rachel Dratch, Emily Spivey, Amy Poehler and Paula Pell
| Credit: Colleen Hayes/Netflix

“You had it before it was cool,” agreed Poehler, 47.

Rudolph said that she isn’t surprised when she’s asked her opinion on the subject.

“I remember Dratch was the first one who texted me and said, ‘Is this a bedbug bite?’ And it was just a close-up of a skin area.”

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“It wasn’t,” Dratch, 53, confessed. “Also I would say Ana and Maya have all this knowledge about homeopathic remedies.”

Added: Gasteyer, 52: “We enjoy supplements.”

“We love a plant,” said Rudolph.

The go-to person for all things relating to furry friends is Pell, 56.

“Anything animal-related I would talk to Paula about,” said Poehler.

“Yes. They all talk to me about animals,” agreed Pell. “Anything gay or dogs they come to me.”

Joked Fey, 49: “Paula I think my dog might be gay.”

Watch the full video above for more of the ladies’ hilarious interview and to find out who’s the go-to person for planning vacations to Disney World.

Wine Country is available to stream on Netflix now.