Matthew McConaughey has previously said getting into politics wasn't his priority
Matthew McConaughey
Matthew McConaughey
| Credit: Cindy Ord/Getty

Matthew McConaughey is still not quite closing the door on running for office.

The Oscar winner has previously hinted that he felt he could make a greater impact outside of politics, but in a recent interview with The Balanced Voice podcast, McConaughey said running for governor in Texas is "a true consideration."

"I'm looking into now again, 'what is my leadership role?'" said McConaughey, 51, per The Hill. "Because I do think I have some things to teach and share. What is my role, what is my category in my next chapter of life that I'm going into now?"

The question about his leadership role is one McConaughey has repeated in the past, with the actor previously thinking politics was not the way to go.

"I have no plans to do that right now, as I said, that would be up to a lot of other people," McConaughey said to host Stephen Colbert on The Late Show back in November.

"Right now, no," he continued. "I don't get politics. Politics seems to be a broken business. Politics needs to redefine its purpose."

The Greenlights author added, "As I move forward in life, am I going to consider leadership roles where I can be most useful? I'd love to, I'm doing that regardless. That's where I sit right now."

McConaughey noted that he's been asked about running for the governor of Texas "quite a bit lately," in reference to his previous interview on The Hugh Hewitt Show, during which he did not entirely shut down the possibility of entering politics.

"I've always kind of given the same answer, but evidently one of them came out as 'I would consider it' since I didn't say 'absolutely no,' " he said.

When pressed by Colbert on whether he would "consider" a gubernatorial run in the Lone Star State, McConaughey responded, "Whatever leadership role I can be most useful in, and I don't know that that's politics, right now I don't see it as politics. I'll drink to that."