Matthew McConaughey talked about the green light of hope he sees coming out of the red light that is the coronavirus pandemic

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Matthew McConaughey has the perfect message of hope and unity during these trying times.

The Oscar winner posted a video on Twitter Tuesday afternoon to offer some calming words to his fans and followers as the world reckons with the coronavirus pandemic. The simple video shows McConaughey, 50, sitting outside his home as he talks directly to the camera.

“In these crazy times that we’re in with the coronavirus, let’s take care of ourselves and each other,” McConaughey starts off. “Let’s not go to the lowest common denominator and get paranoid. Let’s do our due diligence and take the precautions we need to to take care of ourselves and those of us around us, right now more than ever.”

He continues, “We’re all more dependent on each other than we ever have been. We have an enemy in coronavirus that is faceless, that is faceless, sexless, nondenominational and bipartisan. And it’s an enemy that we all agree we wanna beat.”

McConaughey goes on to explain that he sees this pandemic as a “red light” that’s on the other side of a “green light.”

“I believe that green light is gonna be built on the values that we can enact right now,” he says. “Values of fairness, kindness, accountability, resilience, respect, courage. If we practice those things right now, when we get out of this, this virus, this time might be the one time it brings us all together and unifies us, like we have not been in a long time.”

“So yes, let’s see if we can make some lemonade out of the lemon that we’re in right now. Turn a red light into a green light,” he says, before adding his catchphrase: “Just keep living.”

McConaughey turned 50 last November, and the milestone birthday has made the actor reflect on his life. He told PEOPLE in a recent interview that he’s been thinking about what he’ll leave behind when the time comes to face his end.

“It’s really fun and interesting for me to go, ‘Okay, project forward and look back at your eulogy. What will they say to your eulogy?’” McConaughey said. “Can I live a life where I can look forward to looking back?”

Legacy, he said, “That’s something I’ve been thinking a lot about. Having children, a family, that thought process kicks in quite a bit.”

McConaughey started building that legacy with the nonprofit just keep livin organization that he started 10 years ago to empower students.

“Being in my position, I had the means to give back,” the actor said. “I wanted to do something that was incentive-based, to prevent before we had the cure. So we found high school students who needed what we wanted to give them, which is exercise goals, nutrition goals, accountability to community service and a halo of gratitude. We have students who were about to fail out, on drugs, and came into our curriculum, graduated, got scholarships and just graduated from a major university. That kind of stuff really feels good.”