Move over, Tom Hanks -- there's a new Captain Sully in town!

By Ale Russian
October 17, 2018 10:14 AM
Credit: Randy Holmes/ABC

Move over, Tom Hanks, there’s a new Captain Sully in town.

Matthew Broderick took over the duties as the hero pilot who safely landed an aircraft on the Hudson river for none other than Jimmy Kimmel, who is hosting his late night talk show in Brooklyn this week. The actor and singer played Captain Chesley Sullenberger in a fake musical about the incident, which they used to trick New Yorkers in a hilarious segment.

After duping people on the street into believing the musical Hudson, We Have a Problem was a real thing, Kimmel surprised his audience with the actual musical in which Broderick sings about the clear skies ahead.

“Nothing can wrong ’cause it feels so right, it’s a beautiful day for a flight,” Broderick sings, before telling the passengers, “If you look to your right, you’ll see the majestic Hudson River. Wave goodbye, you won’t be seeing that body of water for a while.”

But soon come the geese, who are also singing about the beautiful day without a “hawk or an airplane in sight.”

But one geese gets too confident and tells the other she’s going to fly with her eyes closed and the other geese follow suit. Disaster strikes as Broderick’s Sully also says he’s going to fly with his eyes closed and the two collide, with two of the geese going into the engine.

But don’t fret, Captain Sully has a great idea: “Someone get Tom Hanks on the horn, I’ve got a movie idea.”

Hanks played the heroic captain in the movie Sully, which dramatically retold how the plane landed and the investigation into the matter that happened afterwards.