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July 28, 2016 11:15 AM

Matt Damon is taking a break from the big screen.

The Jason Bourne star, 45, stopped by the Today show on Thursday, where he revealed his plans to take a yearlong hiatus from acting. The actor said his family is the motivating factor behind his decision to slow down.

“I took a bunch of roles in a row. I’ve done four straight movies in a row and I have one more to go,” he explained of his hectic work schedule, adding that his family has traveled with him to his various movie sets.

And after years of “dragging them all over the world,” he’s ready to give them a well-deserved break.

“They’re really good sports. They’re great travelers,” he continued. “But I’m excited to finish this year of work and take a year off and be at their behest for once.”

Damon was on the show to promote his return as the titular super-spy in Jason Bourne after nearly 10 years. (The film opens Friday.)

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The actor said he finally decided to return to the role following fervent fan demand.

“After years of that, it gets humbling,” he said. “I’ve certainly made a lot of movies that nobody went to see, so when you have a loyal audience that’s asking for something, at a certain point we looked at each other and said, ‘Let’s get off our high horse and do it.’ ”

Jason Bourne hits theaters July 29.

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