Matt Damon partners with Stella Artois for a Super Bowl campaign to bring clean water to millions of people in developing countries

By Shelby Reitman
January 30, 2018 06:00 PM

This year, Super Bowl fans can drink to more than just their favorite team., a charity started by Matt Damon and engineer Gary White in 2009, has partnered with beer company Stella Artoisto help end the global water crisis.

“If just one percent of viewers watching the Super Bowl this year purchased a Chalice, we could help provide access to clean water for up to one million people in need,” said Damon at a New York City press conference.

Now with a purchase of a 12-pack, consumers will provide someone in the developing world with one year of clean water. Similarly, one pint or bottle will provide one month of clean water. Stella Artois is even selling limited edition chalices that will provide one person with five years of clean water.

“The idea is that the woman you are buying a drink for is on the other side of the world and you’ll never meet her, and the drink that you’re buying is clean water,” said Damon about the “Buy a Lady a Drink Campaign” partnership with Stella Artois.

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While and Stella Artois have been partnered for four years, Damon has been invested in the global water crisis since his trip to rural Zambia in 2006. There he realized that the lack of clean water and sanitation not only lead to death and misery, but also robed people of their precious time and thus true potential.

“I went on a water collection with a teenage girl,” said Damon of the visceral moment, “and as I left I realized had someone not had the foresight to sink this borewell a mile from where she lived, she would be spending her entire day scavenging for water, she wouldn’t be in school, she wouldn’t have any prospects for a future.”

Craig Barritt/Getty

Damon said the girl’s aspirations reminded him of the dreams he and pal Ben Affleck had of moving to New York and becoming actors when they were teenagers.

Damon and Affleck, both now world-famous actors, even spent last year’s Super Bowl together. The Patriots’ fans stayed in the corner “not talking to anybody” and then “jumping for joy” when the team made a miraculous comeback in the second half.

“It went from being the worst super bowl party of my life to the best one,” said Damon.