Matt Damon Reveals He'll Return as Actor Loki in 'Thor: Love and Thunder' : 'Everybody Knows'

Thor: Love and Thunder will be the fourth installment in the Thor film saga

Matt Damon is heading back to the Marvel Cinematic Universe!

While appearing on a recent episode of SiriusXM's The Jess Cagle Show, the 50-year-old actor confirmed he will be reprising his role as actor Loki in Thor: Love and Thunder — the fourth installment in the Thor film saga. He previously made a cameo in 2017's Thor: Ragnarok.

When asked by host Jess Cagle if the upcoming cameo was "a secret," Damon explained, "I don't know if it's secret or not, though everybody knows."

"I went down there [to Australia] to shoot, and I think they sussed out, 'cause paparazzi took pictures of us, so that they sussed out what we were doing," he continued. "We were kind of reprising a cameo that Luke Hemsworth and I did in the last one."

"And we had a ball, and so Taika [Waititi] had us back again to kind of run that joke back and upgrade it a little bit," The Last Duel star added.

Matt Damon as actor Loki
Marvel Studios

Thor: Love and Thunder will see Chris Hemsworth back as Thor, alongside Natalie Portman and Tessa Thompson reprising their roles of Jane Foster and Valkyrie, respectively. Christian Bale is also set to appear as the movie's villain.

In May 2020, Hemsworth, 37, spoke highly about the project's script during an interview with The Philadelphia Enquirer. "It's one of the best scripts I've read in years," he told the outlet. "It's Taika at his most extreme and at his best. If the version I read is the one we get running with, it's going to be pretty insane."

Hemsworth, who first played the hammer-wielding god of thunder in 2011, previously said he doesn't plan on stepping away from the character at the moment.

"There will come a day," Hemsworth told with Variety's and iHeartMedia's podcast The Big Ticket in April 2019. "Whether it's now or in the future, I don't know. … Who knows what the sort of future holds? I don't know, there could be remakes, sequels, prequels — who knows?"

Thor: Love and Thunder is currently set for a February 2022 theatrical release.

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