Matt Damon Reveals He's Ready to Pitch President Trump His Clean Water Initiative

Matt Damon says he "hopes for the best" from President Trump and wants to pitch him his clean water initiative

Matt Damon wants to talk to newly inaugurated President Donald Trump about clean water.

The actor was at the Sundance Film Festival with his nonprofit program this past weekend and told reporters he hoped to get some time with the new president to discuss the issue of clean water.

“Foreign aid, in general, we’re not quite sure where he stands ’cause he hasn’t said a lot about it,” Damon told reporters at the film festival. “So I think we just have to hope for the best and I genuinely mean that. I think he’s got obviously a pretty full plate right now and everyone is going to be coming at him, and hopefully we’ll get our turn.”

Damon — who has publicly supported Democrats before, including Hillary Clinton — also told reporters he felt that clean water accessibility isn’t a partisan issue and it requires an “an all-hands-on-deck approach to solve this.”

Co-founded in 2009 with civil engineer Gary White, “started with a simple idea — safe water and the dignity of a toilet for all,” the actor says in a video explaining the nonprofit’s new funding initiative using the program WaterCredit. The program uses small loans to bring clean water and hygienic conditions to impoverished areas.

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