Matt Damon Confesses He Can't Get His Kids to Watch Good Will Hunting

The Ford v Ferrari star reveals his kids have only wanted to see two of his films so far

As many parents know, kids are not easily impressed — even if you’re an Oscar winner for your debut film as a writer.

For Matt Damon, that film was 1997’s Good Will Hunting, which he wrote with Ben Affleck. And although his four daughters (Stella [Zavala], 9, Gia [Zavala], 11, Isabella, 13, and Alexia, 20, with wife Luciana) are old enough to enjoy it, they still haven’t seen it.

“It’s total resistance,” the Ford v Ferrari star tells PEOPLE in this week’s issue about which films of his he’s been excited to share with his kids. “I am kind of trying to force them, it’s not working. I’m like, ‘Are you sure you don’t want to see Good Will Hunting? You know your dad and Uncle Ben wrote it, right?’ ‘Yeah, dad, I know.’ It’s like, ‘Nope.’

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matt Damon and christian bale
Christian Bale and Matt Damon. Celeste Sloman

Damon isn’t giving up and expects they’ll get to it “one of these days,” especially since they did want to see a film of his he didn’t expect.

“You know what they did see is The Martian, which was odd, I never was going to show it to them because I felt like it was kind of a movie for [adults],” he explains. “But their classmates had seen it and so other parents at the school were saying, ‘Oh my daughter loved it.’”

“I put it on for the kids at home,” recalls Damon. “It had come out on iTunes so I downloaded it and put it on. I narrated the first 20 minutes because my youngest daughter was still pretty young and [in the beginning] I have that hole in my stomach from the antennae. She was probably six, or seven at the time. Like, ‘Oh look at that fake stomach. You know how dad did that?’ I hit ‘Pause’ and kind of walked them through that and then they watched it.

“That was the one until [Ford v Ferrari], because they came to the premiere,” he adds. “So, that was cool. So, they’ve seen two of them.”

Ford v Ferrari is now playing in theaters.

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