Mary Steenburgen Fangirls Over Dan Levy as Her Son Wishes She Cared About Her 'Real Family'

The ongoing joke between Mary Steenburgen's son Charlie McDowell and his "real mom" Andie Macdowell got another hilarious bump

Mary Steenburgen‘s son wants some answers!

After the longtime actress posted a selfie with Schitt’s Creek breakout star and co-creator Dan Levy, her real-life son Charlie McDowell posted a hilarious comment demanding to know why she seems to care more about fictional characters. The funny exchange was first caught by Comments by Celebs.

“Yep. He is every bit as wonderful as you think he is,” Steenburgen, 67, caption the smiling selfie.

“Mom, I wish you cared about your real family as much as you do your make believe family,” Charlie, 36, joked in the comments.

“A. Pitiful B. He’s not in my ‘make believe family’. C. You post a loving note to Andie [MacDowell’ every year on Mother’s Day and you have the nerve to criticize ME???” Steenburgen replied.

The joke behind the comments has to do with Charlie’s running bit in which he posts a picture of Andie MacDowell on Instagram whenever he means to address Steenburgen. The mother and son have different last names since she had Charlie with the English actor Malcom McDowell, who she was married to from 1990 to 1995.

The latest instance of the running joke came earlier this month on Steenburgen’s birthday, which Charlie celebrated with a picture of Andie, 61.

“Happy birthday, mom! I love you but you gotta stop putting bandanas on Giuseppe you silly goose! Anyway, I hope you have the best birthday and since I can’t be with you on this very special day I’m going to watch a double feature of Multiplicity and Monte Carlo in your honor,” Charlie wrote.

And Andie is certainly in on the joke, replying to his post with a jokingly loving comment.

“Mama loves you my most favorite child of all,” Andie wrote.

Charlie did the same thing last year, posting a picture of Andie but tagging Steenburgen.

“Sometimes I can’t believe THIS is my mom. Happy birthday @mary_steenburgen!” he wrote.

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