Watch Mary Elizabeth Winstead Impersonate Bjork and Kristen Stewart in 'All About Nina' Scene

Saturday Night Live might have some competition in Mary Elizabeth Winstead.  

Saturday Night Live might have some competition in Mary Elizabeth Winstead.

The actress, 33, plays a struggling comedian in her new film, All About Nina, and as proven in an exclusive clip from the drama, Winstead can do some killer impersonations.

In the scene, Winstead as troubled Nina, takes to the stage at a comedy club to do not one — but five impressions. The setup: celebrities ordering smoothies.

Winstead’s take on Bjork is no doubt the standout, with the actress nailing the Icelandic singer’s unique inflections. At a close second is her inspired riff on Kristen Stewart’s famous awkwardness.

“Coming up with the impressions for this film was so fun, and performing them was pretty scary,” Winstead tells PEOPLE. “I’ve never done impressions in my life, but I realized that there are certain voices I do just in conversation or when I’m joking around with friends — like Bjork and Kristen Stewart, so Eva [Vives, the writer/director] and I kind of jumpstarted it from there. I made a list of people I thought I could imitate and Eva decided it would be funny to see all these random people ordering smoothies and it somehow made it all flow quite easily.”

As Winstead reveals there were a few that didn’t make the final cut including a Britney Spears impression that she “enjoyed quite a bit.”

“Maybe I’ll break that one out one of these days!” she teases.

All About Nina, costarring Common, opens in select theaters Sept. 28.

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