"It seems like 2015 kinda sucks," Michael J. Fox, in character as Marty McFly, quips


The future is now – and Marty McFly and Doc Brown are not impressed.

Cruising onto the special Jimmy Kimmel Live! Brooklyn set in their famous DeLorean, the duo (portrayed by Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd) arrived right on time for Back to the Future Day – the exact time-travel date from Back to the Future Part II.

In their iconic looks from the beloved movie trilogy, Marty and Doc seem let down when they learn about the technological advancements America has made since 1985.

Host Jimmy Kimmel first broke the news that we haven’t yet figured out flying cars, and then relayed that the world has yet to achieve peace in the Middle East.

“What the hell have you guys been doing for 30 years?” Marty questioned.

“We invented this thing called a cronut,” Kimmel joked.

“It seems like 2015 kinda sucks,” Marty retorted.

As Doc explained to his cohort that this era’s “technological and cultural achievements” are “underwhelming,” Kimmel began to sneak a selfie with the duo.

“This is how we document important life events now,” he said.

“I think we may have traveled to an alternate 2015 where human evolution has been stopped by superfluous technology and Biff reigns supreme,” Doc replied, aghast.

The bit also included an appearance by musician Huey Lewis, who penned “The Power of Love” for the original Back to the Future movie.

The greatest revelation from the time-hopping pair? Kimmel’s death is imminent.

“A bunch of angry children are going to tear you to shreds when you tell their mothers to take away their Halloween candy,” Doc told the host, referencing his recurring holiday prank.

The Wednesday celebration left fans of the 1989 movie feeling nostalgic and inspired by at least one exciting revelation – Marty’s famous self-lacing sneakers are coming from Nike in Spring 2016. Where’s the waiting list?!