Martin Lawrence and Will Smith Say Reuniting for 'Bad Boys 3' Was 'Really Special': 'We're Back!'

"There's like this really magical thing with Bad Boys," Will Smith said

The boys are back!

On Wednesday, Martin Lawrence and Will Smith appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show to promote the third installment of their famous Bad Boys franchise, Bad Boys for Life, set to premiere in January 2020.

Speaking to host Ellen DeGeneres about the film, the actors reminisced about the first two movies, filmed in 1995 and 2003, and said their third reunion has been memorable.

“It’s been really special,” Smith, 51, said. “We just got back. We shot some pieces in Atlanta, and just people seeing us together on the street — there’s like this really magical thing with Bad Boys.”

“I didn’t know people had that kind of energy towards it,” he added, with Lawrence, 54, chiming in, “Well we’re back! We’re here!”

Will Smith, Martin Lawrence on Ellen
Martin Lawrence and Will Smith. Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.

Lawrence recalled that when he was cast in the first film 25 years ago, his sister was the one who suggested casting Smith in the other role.

“My sister… she brought Will to my attention,” the actor said. “So, I called Will, and we set up a dinner and Will came to my house.”

“Five minutes after talking to Will, he got the job,” Lawrence added, while Smith began to laugh.

Smith and Lawrence play Miami cops Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett, respectively, in the films. Last month, Sony Pictures dropped a new trailer for Bad Boys for Life, filled with car chases and shootouts.

Will Smith, Martin Lawrence on Ellen
Martin Lawrence, Will Smith and Ellen DeGeneres. Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.

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Though Smith says he tried to keep up with the action at first, the actors admitted they’ve been leaving the stunts to their stuntmen in the action-packed sequel.

“I tried — like the first couple of weeks,” Smith said. “I probably got four days into shooting and I was like, ‘Yeah, we’re gonna let young boy do that one.'”

Bad Boys for Life hits theaters Jan. 17, 2020.

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